Kinoton History

Kinoton America, Inc is in business since January 1st. 2009. The company is still young, however, the history of Kinoton products in North America dates back more than forty years. Actually, it even dates to a time before Kinoton existed as a brand name for motion picture technology!

In late 1968 Kinoton Gmbh introduced the world’s first non-rewind platter system. Without this Kinoton invention, no modern multiplex cinema would exist.
It was Kinoton who -based on ideas of the German theatre owner Willy Burth- designed  the ST200 platter system and manufactured it from day one on.
However, it was Philips and in the U.S. Norelco who marketed this new solution as the Rotomatic. The success was phenomenal. The photo above shows the 1000th platter system, installed in the US in approx 1974.

In 1973 Kinoton GmbH took over the production of cinema equipment from Philips. The equipment was now branded as Kinoton and the company enlarged their production facilities substantially during the following years.

In the U.S. Kinotone, Inc. was founded as a sales and support organisation for the new brand. And with this company, the history of Kinoton distribution in North America really started.
(note: the pronunciation of Kinotone comes close to how Germans pronounce Kinoton)

Also in the Seventies and Eighties Kinoton offered a product portfolio that was substantially larger than what was available from other manufacturer. Especially the 16mm projector FP16, FP18 and its 16mm/35mm counterparts were installed by many Universities, Museums or Governmental organisations .

In 1990 a new Kinoton invention arrived in Hollywood: the FP30EC high-speed studio projector. This machines combined unprecedented image steadiness with an incredible 300fps shuttling speed offering studios a much faster work flow. This design earned Kinoton the second Academy Award plaque. Only four of these were given to projection technology manufacturers ever.

In 1987 the famous film camera manufacturer ARRI, Arnold&Richter took over the distribution of Kinoton equipment and helped Kinoton to establish further a strong foothold in the Hollywood postproduction community.
The distribution changed again in 1996 when Boston Light & Sound, Inc.  became the representative of Kinoton in the U.S. With their excellent reputation in the film community,  both  Larry Shaw and Chapin Cutler, the two principals of BL&S, moved Kinoton into new markets.

In 2003, Kinoton America Distribution, Inc. was founded, establishing a company that was fully dedicated to the support of all Kinoton clients on the U.S. and Canada. This company did a remarkable job in bringing Kinoton further ahead and in managing the distribution of the largest product portfolio available from one single projection technology brand ever.
However, the changes in the industry over the past years and new challenges motivated both Kinoton GmbH and the owners to change the distributorship.

Kinoton America, Inc was founded as an own, independent distributor and full-line equipment dealer. The company is fully supported by its main supplier Kinoton GmbH and the management has already been working closely with Kinoton in the past.
A combined 60+ years of professional experience of the staff in this industry make sure that our clients get the right advise, the right solutions and careful attention with any  question they are having.

Kinoton America is looking forward to support the motion picture industry to stay a number-one choice of entertainment.