Indiana University Banks on Kinoton Studio Projectors

The newly opened Cinema of the Indiana University (IU Cinema), located close to the historic 1930s University Theatre, is one of the best-equipped university cinemas in the United States. The IU Cinema is THX® certified and features high-end Kinoton film projection for 35mm and 16mm. Its auditorium offers nearly 260 seats, a screen 9 meters (30 ft) wide and an orchestra pit so silent movies can be authentically accompanied by live music.

The IU Cinema will serve as an exhibition space for film festivals and IU film courses, at the same time operating as a film museum showcasing motion pictures for students and the public. Especially classic films call for ultimate safeguarding as the precious copies are in most cases irreplaceable. That’s why IU Cinema chose two FP 38 E-S film projectors featuring Kinoton’s unique digitally controlled REFERENCE intermittent drive. Their electronic spool shafts transport films ever so smoothly, providing maximum protection even to old and delicate copies. The dual-format film projectors can be converted fast and easily from 35mm to 16mm and back, offering unrivalled picture steadiness and excellent focus with both film formats. Moreover, the projection speed can be varied continuously from 30 fps down to still frame projection, e.g. for a closer inspection of single movie scenes. Fast shuttling with a speed of up to 100 fps forward and reverse enables the tutors of film courses to repeat key scenes at will while discussing them with their students.

The FP 38 E-S REFERENCE film projectors were expertly installed by Cinema Equipment Sales of California and Chicago-based Full Aperture Systems. Both companies are valued partners of Kinoton’s subsidiary in the United States, Kinoton America.